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More cosplay pictures i find are outstanding. The link to part 1 can be found here.

Final Fantasy VII- Advent Children

 Kaname as Cloud Strife

 Nice arms there ^^


 There’s an aura emitting from Cloud.. It’s making me dizzy..

 Tifa & Cloud

 The sword looks exactly like the one in Advent Children. It must weigh a ton. Sugoi!


 Great pose here!

 Cloud & Sephiroth-I like how they used the black feathers so the photo doesn’t look plain.

Final Fantasy XIII-Versus


RainerTachibana as Noctis- A complete Noctis replica! When i first saw this, i was speechless. All these pictures were taken in Singapore BTW. (Looks in admiration) 

 Great hair, great pose, AMAZING sword.

Final Fantasy XIII

 RainerTachibana as Lightning

 RainerTachibana as Lightning


 That weapon is ZOMG!!!! Coolness factor + 200%~

 This looks like it’s taken from a movie


  My favourite Lightning has to be this! Just do the comparison! She is flawless! (As shown in next pic)




 Jesuke as Snow Villers

 What is his name? Someone please tell me! I’m falling in love… He has such fair skin, nihon ji? =p

RainerTachibana as Sarah Farron

  She looks like she is calling out to her lover, Snow..



  Group Shot


Shiva reference

 WHA- Holy……. cow. I bow down to thee.

 Cosplayers actually ride the Shiva sisters to pose for their photo shoot! 

Note: I do not own these pictures, credit goes to the cosplayers themselves.