It’s time for more awesome cosplay again ^^ Since my previous posts are well received, I’ve decided to add more psyching pictures to get more people excited and eventually help to allow Cosplay to be embraced as a cool and loved hobby, especially here in Singapore!

This time Imma insert using the gallery so I don’t have to add a picture at a time which takes forever. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Enjoy!

Gintama & Hakuouki

Forgive my spamming of Takasugi for he is just wayy too hot. He can be laid back AND badass at the same time. There’s some fan shots in there for some screaming.

The Hakuouki shots are a compilation of the Calender, Meiji & Samurai versions. Where else can we find places to shoot in Singapore for Hakuouki besides Chinese Garden? There’s just not much choice..

Cosplayers shown here include Lithiumfl0wer, mad-englishman, KureyaKuroshida, Akusesu,
Cvy, Jesuke,Kanasaiii, Shiro Ang @DeviantArt. You won’t regret checking them out!

P.S Look forward to Katekyo Hitman: Reborn & Naruto/Soul Eater/Vocaloid cosplays the next time you visit my blog. Sigh, I’ve got some collecting to do.

That’s all for now, I’m signing out 🙂

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