I shall let the pictures do the talking. Can’t help but add many pics of Kaname, i’m a big fan=D

 There’s a Part 2 to this post. (Note: I do not own these pictures, credit goes to the cosplayers themselves. I couldn’t identfy all cosplayers though..)

From Bleach:

  Kaname as Grimmjow

 Ichigo& Yoruichi




 I think this cosplayer would look more like Soifon if she wasn’t smiling. But it’s not bad at all!



 Ulquiorra Schiffer

  Brilliant expression and makeup for both cosplayers. I feel melancholic..

 Kaname as Kaname Tousen

♥♥ D-Gray man ♥♥

 Kanda Yuu

 RainerTachibana as Kanda Yuu

  I love this! That stare is just… LOVE!

  Rin as Lenalee


 Allen Walker

 Poker master Allen

 Kanda& Allen (JordanCamp version)

Shito as Allen Walker

  Kaname as Lavi, Shito as Allen – Those are some killer heels man..


 Eliade&Krory They look great together!

 General Cross

 Road Kamelot

 Her eyes look scary..

 Tiki Mikk

 Debito & Jasdevi

 Noah Family


 That’s a good-looking cast of exorcists! ^^ And Kanda actually looks cute!


 Ciel Phantomhive

Stunning setting!


Vampire Knight

 Very nice effects achieved with the blood.

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