Posted: December 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Two weeks left till AGM.

Was having a hard time deciding on who to put in the next committee. I’ve discussed with Silie and seniors, and have confirmed most of the posts. Some of the main criteria for choosing who’s suitable for which job are: capability, analytical skills, character and attitude.

As Yew Teck said before (correct me if i’m wrong), I also do not wish to hand over a crumbled club to the next committee. Basically there hasn’t been much issues ‘cept for some stuff, some of which should be handled ASAP.

Anyway, i really hope some things can be changed after handing over to the next committee. Like making sure confidential and sensitive issues are only made known and KEPT known to those who ought to know. And i hope everybody takes the initiative to make things work, instead of waiting for someone else to do it, or even not giving a damn about anything at all.

Also, as a club, everybody should work together to settle differences and move towards a common goal for the benefit of the club, not creating chances for personal grudges.

There is quite a handful of hopefuls this time round, and i believe they are able to bring the club to greater heights. They just need some polishing and proper guidance, which has not been enforced enough regretfully. However, the new leaders definitely have what it takes to push everybody to the limits, and hopefully from there on enable a whole new standard to be established.

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