The lovers, the dreamers, and me

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Lovers:

A fren just told me about the dilemma she’s facing in her relationship. Should we follow our hearts or heads? I want to give her an answer, but I don’t have it.. It’ll be energy-sapping if the decision is to try to make it work… But is it worth gettin’ all worn out over a future that cannot be wholly grasped? (Note: advice given by an inexperienced) I dunnoe. Matters of the heart are simply complicated… Maybe time will tell what is right for you… Stay strong yea?

The Dreamers:

National trials are coming up. People are getting all geared and psyched up about it. Saw the same ppl at the ZH range shooting, and i thought to myself just how much it takes for them to be willing to spend so much time and effort, and have that much passion towards a sport. Is it the dream that drives them towards their goals? Is that what instills the motivating factor in them? Or is it just because that’s what they’re so used to do?

& Not forgetting me:

Love and dreams. I’m lucky i don’t have to deal with both, and struggle to decide which one to keep. Would you forsake one to pursue the other? I don’t have the courage to make such decisions, and i don’t intend to.

Young sailors in the sea of love,

be in peace.

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